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Marché Bonanza Lalumière is renowned for its wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at very competitive prices.   Large display counters are filled with the freshest fruits and vegetables we could find. Daily arrivals, local products from Quebec and rarer exotic products, such as persimmon, ocra and chayote. On your next visit, fill your basket with healthy and accessible products such as portobella mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, enoki, squash and zucchini, lebanese cucumbers, roman beans, sicilian eggplant and fresh herbs to name a few. Special prices every day, family packages … Ask, you shall find!

Here are some of our many suppliers of fruits and vegetables



Marché Bonanza Lalumière offers a wide selection of high quality Canadian meats as well as a growing supply of certified natural and organic products, always ensuring that you obtain the best value for your money.  Further, our butcher and deli services offer traditional cuts of meat, as weel as a personalized cutting service. Several meat specialties are also available, including lamb and sheep.

The meats department of Marché Bonanza Lalumière offers a wide selection of beef cuts, in accordance to your needs and requests. Whether you are interested by ribsteak, rib eye, sirloin steak or delicious filet mignon, the butcher’s service will be happy to guide you in a wise choice of meat or even game.

A favorite of Quebecers both here and abroad for its quality, Quebec pork meat is tasty and offers more possibilities than ever! Rich in protein, iron and zinc, but also low in fat, pork meat from Quebec is a healthy choice that is perfect for all cuisines and … at all budgets! Cook chops, tenderloin, juicy spare ribs or the famous roast, pork is the versatile meat par excellence. To try it is to adopt it !

Whether it’s for a special occasion, for the sake of tradition or simply out of curiosity, Marché Bonanza Lalumière offers its customers a wide range of meats and other game, such as duck, rabbit, lamb and more. Discovering all the subtleties of these meats and small and large game, produced in Quebec or imported, means that you discover an authentic taste that will impress even the most capricious palates!

At the Bonanza Lalumière market, you have the opportunity to buy delicious sausages low in fat and made on the premises and also choose from a complete assortment of sausages to complement your wines and cheeses. To be cooked on the grill, griddle or directly in the pan, choose from a wide selection of sausages: Italian sweet or spicy, pork sausage, chorizo, merguez, Portuguese, etc. The market also offers a variety of pre-packaged sausages, including a halal selection, chicken or turkey sausage, pork or beef.


In addition to finding all basic, sliced ​​or smoked cheeses, you may be tempted by our cheddar cheeses, emmenthal, mozzarella, caciocavallo, goat cheese and ricotta cheese.  Furthermore, Bonanza Lalumière offers several specialties, like aged parmesan, pecorino, regianno or romano, feta cheese, ricotta fresca, crotonese, friulano or mozzarella di buffala.


Why not go to our deli and cold cuts counter and get some meat from our wide selection of dry sausages?  We have, only to name a few, calabrese, sopresata and salamis. You could also take advantage of our selection of halal deli meats. Some products are already sliced and ready to eat. ! Prosciutto seco, mortadella, capicolo, prosciutto cotto, turkey breast, roast beef, smoked meat, speck, pancetta and more are available! Use this opportunity to stock up on green olives, black olives, kalamata and italian.  You can’t leave without getting your hands on a few bottles our fine olive oils and our famous portuguese sardines !

He are some of our suppliers of premium deli and cold cuts.


Always looking for ways to offer more variety to its loyal customers, Bonanza sells several types of bread, not to mention a wide selection of panettone that will please the finest palates. Sliced ​​or in baguette, fresh or frozen, pitas, naan, bagels, tortillas, etc. at Bonanza, you will find bread in all its shapes and sizes and, above all, always fresh! Do you like to get your hands dirty? At Bonanza Lalumière you will find organic flour as well as various types of flours such as flour 00, wheat flour, buckwheat, chickpeas, bleached and unbleached flour.


For all your other needs, rest assured that you will be able to find what you are looking for at Bonanza Lalumière.  Granola bars, nuts, jams, cereals, dry or canned chickpeas, beans of all kinds, spices and pickles, dried fruits and products of imports such as harissa, halawa, tahini, hummus, rose water or orange flower water, hot sauces, whatever your recipe or your preferences, we will accommodate you. Enjoy a wide range of products imported from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Europe as well as an important selection of halal, kosher, organic, gluten-free products in addition to all the other products generally found in grocery stores.

Choosing Lalumière Bonanza also means being able to choose from a wide selection of cooking or salad oils and vinegars of all kinds. Extra virgin, black, kalamata, organic, unfiltered, sesame oil, coconut, avocado, sunflower, corn, soy, palm or grape seed oil, etc. at Bonanza, each oil has its own aroma and usefulness!

Are your mornings sweet or rather full-bodied? Bonanza Market offers just about a dozen brands of premium coffee beans, imported from several regions of the world and with different degrees of roasting.


In addition to a wide range of lactose-free products, Bonanza offers a selection of yogurts, including organic and gelatin-free products, as well as soy-based cheeses, butter and organic milk, almond milk, soy milk and Kefir milk. The usual selection of milk, cream and butter is obviously available at great prices.

Ready Meals

We offer a wide range of ready to eat meals. Freshly cooked every day to insure the best, fresh tasting Italian delicacies you love!