A delicious selection of ready-to-eat foods. stocked with homemade and authentic italian meals, the cucina counter is perfect for quick lunches and traditional family dinners.

The flavours of Italy await you!

We offer a great selection of ready-to-go meals.

The latest addition to milano fruiterie, our cucina counter, is where we prepare some of our most delicious, authentic, family recipes as well as many local fan favorites. our selection of ready-to-go meals includes italian dishes such as pollo cacciatore, lasagna and risotto milano.

You will also find spicy chicken, salmon gravlax, duck confit and homemade ribs as well as a varied assortment of salads prepared daily.

Discover the many flavours of italy at milano fruiterie.

We love porchetta!

Available every last weekend of the month, the Cucina prepares it for you.

Did you know that Milano Fruiterie’s homemade Porchetta is organic? The suckling pig is deboned and stuffed with herbs. It is then cooked for 5 hours.

Ask for it!

The Milano Muffaletta sandwich

The Milano Muffaletta Sandwich is now a permanent item on our Cucina menu! However, unlike a typical Muffaletta, our unique Italian sandwich is created with a light and fluffy Corona bread.

Milano Fruiterie is the only spot in Montreal where you can find this Italian specialty.

This 20-inch wide bread is covered with layers of marinated vegetables, mortadella, salami, prosciutto, and provolone.

Do your grocery shopping with us!

We invite you to a memorable shopping experience among our fresh fruit and vegetable departments, imported oils and vinegars, top quality meats, warm breads, Italian pasta fresca made on site, succulent Mediterranean charcuterie, Italian coffees with dark roasting and much more!